Very early in life, I had the desire to reach out to young people and help them know (teach them) what it would take to make a difference in their lives and perhaps of those around them too. Thus I went for a first degree in Education. As a teacher, I believe that my responsibility to students and trainees whom I will constantly encounter in life is to present the past, reveal the present and most importantly to facilitate in “creating” the future for them in my own little way. I must confess that I am very passionate about the latter, thus the founding of FutureTrust Initiative for Capacity Building (FTI).

As implied by the two key words that make up the name of our organization (FUTURE and TRUST), we at FTI believe that we (the present generation), have in many ways been charged with responsibility of charting the course of actions that will shape the lives of millions in our nation and the world at large for years to come. One cannot help but ask this salient question; “Are today’s young people adequately prepared for the opportunities and challenges for the 21st century?” We do not have a straight yes to that question just yet.

To contribute our quota to having a positive outlook for what the future holds for those who would help mould it (especially the youth), we laden our programmes with future-proof initiatives. We obviously will not run this race alone. Do come on board and let’s do this together for a better future for generations yet to come.

We are here to make a difference. If you think you can, you can.