TAFMUN Overview


When students begin to learn and concern themselves with the issues of the world, it is only then that can they be appropriately referred to as the leaders of tomorrow. Despite the prevalence of various sources of information in today’s world, our youths know very little about how they can effect the change that they also desire. We live in an ever changing world which will favour the person with diverse experiences and abilities. Thus, we should ensure that these young minds are given a competitive edge to face the world of the future. TAFMUN conference provides that competitive edge.

TAFMUN conference is a simulation of the real life United Nations sessions. Simulation is the most powerful learning; by hands on experience. In the words of Aristotle, “What we need to learn to do, we learn by doing”. The 4-day conference for senior secondary school and university students, takes a problem-solving approach and is designed for the acquisition of skills that foster adaptability in tasks and thought processes. It transforms delegates’ minds for enquiry and also prepares them for the jobs and workplaces of the future. Thus, the ultimate aim is to prepare the next generation to face future challenges / problems and issues when they arise.

The take-aways from TAFMUN conference are transferable Life Skills such as negotiations and effective communication skills, critical (lateral / analytical) thinking skills, research and creative writing skills, public speaking, conflict management, consensus building, confidence and team building skills, time management, diplomacy, social etiquette, to mention just a few.

Delegates, at TAFMUN you broaden your horizon like never before. It is a time to step out of your comfort zone. After TAFMUN, go out there and engage the world in a transformed manner.

Why attend TAFMUN?