TAFMUN Overview


TAFMUN is a 4-day United Nations (UN) simulation conference that provides secondary school, Sixth Form and University students with the opportunity to discuss topics of international concern through constructive debate with their peers.

The objective is to seek, through discussion, negotiation and constructive debate, solutions to the various problems of the world. With its problem-solving approach, the students are truly placed in the shoes of diplomats – a uniquely powerful way to educate young people about global issues. The young delegates, in seeking solutions to global problems learn to break away from narrow self-interests and develop true international co-operation.

Thus, as a global issues education conference for future leaders, it is designed to equip students with transferable lifelong skills such as negotiation and collaboration skills, conflict management, consensus building, confidence building, public speaking, critical / lateral thinking, internet literature research, writing skills and social etiquette.

Why attend TAFMUN?

Negotiation and Collaboration Skills
Conflict Resolution
Critical Thinking Skills
Confidence Building
Public Speaking
Writing Skills
Social Etiquette